During your first visit, we will discuss treatment fees and financing options before starting treatment. Treatment fees will depend on treatment plans and each individual’s unique needs.

We offer monthly financing options with no interest. If you pay in full before starting treatment, you will take advantage of significant savings. Fees can be paid using cheques, debit, and credit cards. Everyone who walks through our door leaves with an affordable payment plan that they feel comfortable about.


For your convenience, we will be providing you with all the claim forms for your insurance. We want to ensure that the process is as easy as possible.

Comprehensive Care

We provide genuine care and treat every patient like family. After your treatment plan is complete, we’ll provide you with your first set of retainers and a comprehensive follow-up plan. If you or your child are advised to wait for orthodontic treatment, we’re happy to follow growth and dental developments free of charge. This gives your child time to familiarize themselves with our practice in the hopes that the experience will hold a positive impact on their continued oral health.