Oral conscious sedation can prove very helpful for relaxing young children and patients with many cavities. At Glow, we offer oral conscious sedation in an easily drinkable liquid form, mixed with your child’s favourite flavour! Dr. Fran will consider multiple factors including your child’s anxiety level, ability to cooperate, and required amount of treatment to tailor the best approach for your child.

As in the name, oral conscious sedation reduces anxiety while children remain awake and alert. They may feel sleepy, drowsy and in many cases do not remember the procedure due to the amnesia effect of the medication. Sedation medications have potential to cause nausea and vomiting. Although it is rare, regurgitated food can obstruct the airway. To eliminate this possibility and maximize safety, fasting is a standard safety protocol for oral conscious sedation.

When you come in for a sedation appointment with your child, we will review your child’s medical history again and check vital signs. Our team will go over informed consents, safety and recovery instructions with you. In the meantime, Dr. Fran will be checking your child’s general well being, especially their airway health. Dr. Fran’s personal number will be provided for any questions that may come up after regular office hours.

Sedation in children is different from adults in many ways, as children tend to be more sensitive to the medications in general. We believe in using the least amount of medication combined with other comforting techniques to achieve the most enjoyable experience. Our highly skilled team with Dr. Fran’s meticulous attention to detail allows safe sedation experience for your child and your family.